Gone Fishing

A few weeks ago my daughter Jennifer sent me this link to a cute little quilt: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/catquilt.

It seemed like a great idea. Since I happen to have a couple of cats and Jenny has a couple of cats, I decided to try to make something similar. My cats do tent to hop on anything quilty (finished or not) that gets laid down anywhere near them and Jenny’s cats probably do too. Then I remembered the website by Sindy at http://www.fatcatpatterns.com/ that has some cute applique fish patterns. I belong to her yahoo group and love to see all the great ideas she has.  I knew she had some fish designs, so I looked there and chose the angel fish and the flounder to be the stars of my fish bowl mats.

I didn’t have enough of any one blue fabric to use for the water on the quilt, so I put together some strips of different blues. Maybe they are a little darker than you would expect to see in a fishbowl, but I like the look. I used a very pale batik for the top of the fishbowl and a couple different sand looking prints for the bottom. Then, I picked some bright yellow and orange fabrics to make the fish, fused them to the background and quilted them on the machine. I worked on them a little every day. The most fun part was knowing how surprised Jenny and her family would be when they turned up in their mailbox.

They are about 15″ in diameter. I used a handy hatbox to mark the circle. Maybe a little bigger would have been better – I don’t know. Here is a picture of the finished cat mats.


So, I mailed them last Friday and they arrived on Monday. My grandson, Joey called to let me know they got them. Jenny had forgotten about the link she sent me. The boys thought maybe I made them little quilts.  Joey said one of the cats got on a mat not too long after they were laid down. That was good to know. My girls have been rather indifferent to them. But it doesn’t matter. I think they are cute.


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