New Things

Yes, it has been a while since I posted. Things have been pretty quiet around, here if you can believe that!  A few weeks ago we finally got furniture for the kitchen.  Here is a picture from the day Raymond put it together. He is so handy.


When we lived in Palm Bay, Florida we had a similar booth except it was the smaller version. for that tiny tiny kitchen.  Somehow we ended up with one of the chairs that came with that other one and I moved it from my sewing room to replace that bench. The bench may still come in handy if we ever have anyone visit.  I am planning on making some cushions for the benches and chair. It makes a big difference from the folding table we had been using since we moved in.

I moved the folding table into the sewing room with the two chairs we were using in the kichen. I don’t know quite how, but I managed to fit them in with the other table and the ironing board and all my shelves and drawers. And remember that pegboard tower I made when the sewing room was the living room? Well Raymond took one piece of it and made me a nice little pegboard to hold my rulers. Its wonderful.  It stands on the floor and just leans against the wall, so I can move it around if(when) I feel like re-arranging. Here is a picture of that:


It is sure nice to have a real cutting area that I don’t have to put away and take out all the time. Oh, and there is one of the old kitchen chairs. Now, I am itching to get in there and cut up fabric and make a big mess. It looks so weird neat.

As you can see, I have not made any progress on the duvet quilt, but it looks good there on the design wall, doesn’t it? I have decided that I want to run a buttonhole stitch around the inside of those light tan borders.  When I made them, I thought flanges would look good and add some texture besides framing the blocks, but I think they are too wide and they flip-flop a lot and that will drive me crazy once it is on the wall. So I will do the buttonhole stitch in red to tack them down. I think it will also add texture. And then all it needs is layered and quilted. I have some batting and the backing is there on the table.

And underneath the duvet quilt is that big flowerpot quilt I posted here: It is also awaiting further attention.

I think I should make the cushions first though, to preserve our bottoms.  LOL!


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