How cool it is to be living at this historic time.  God bless and best wishes to our new president.

In local news, I have been working on the red paisley quilt.


It looks pretty good with the dark red sashing and border. I plan on adding another border made from the print fabric, and then it will be ready to quilt.

I am not as happy as I expected to be with the light borders on the blocks. A darker tannish fabric would have matched the paisley better. I may tea dye the whole thing before I quilt it to blend it in a little better.  Well, soon it will be finished and hanging on the wall behind the paisley bed.  Imagine this quilt in this room:


It will look much better than those battling elephants, don’t you think?

One thought on “Progress

  1. Sharon Griffith says:

    Ohhhh I like allot….girl yes you need to finish it….awesome….I am suprised that you have not finished it yet….

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