Happy New Year!

This is my first completed project for the year – a cover for my journal. The colors are a little bright – the purple is really a periwinkle and the carpet and tan batiks are not that orangy. The journal cover just fits over a regular composition book. I decided that is a nice size to carry around and easily replaced when full.

My one ‘resolution’ for the year is to work on communication.  That includes communication with myself, via journaling.  I do a lot of communication on the computer, but I think there is something more intimate and personal about writing by hand. For one thing, it is slower than typing. Editing is not as easy so one has to pay more attention to sentence composition and spelling.  This will be a challenge for me to slow down and think about what I want to say.


I used the sample bits that we made at the Sunstitchers meeting (2005) when Jan Cotton visited from New Zealand and honored us by teaching. She showed us these wonderful ways to add texture to fabric. The center piece made from narrow strips of fabrics sewn together and then folded and stitched down. The prarie points are made with two different fabrics to achieve that narrow border. The spine is made from really narrow strips sewn together staggered to create the angle.

2005-05-20-sunstitchers-4-jan-teaching Here is Jan wearing a vest she made to showcase these techniques.


Here is a close up of all the different things we made. They were scanned and show the real colors much better.


This is the inside front cover. Jan showed us how to make these flying geese and the lower set has a secret pocket built in.  I think it is perfect to hold my pen. I am so grateful for Jan teaching us these techniques. I would never have even tried them on my own.


This is the inside back cover. It is plain except for the elastic band I sewed in to use to keep the journal closed. I tea dyed a piece of white elastic and was very pleased that it took some color.


This is a back view. I got that beautiful dotted batik at my guild’s annual yard sale. There was about a yard of the fabric and I sure wish there had been more or that I could find more of it.


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