A New Wall Hanging

I started this a couple weeks ago and, would work on it a little every day. The hardest part so far was deciding which fabrics to use where. I was not sure if I wanted the bowl to be blue or not, but I could not find anything in my whole stash that I liked any better with all that red and orange. And it took a while to decide on the green. Once that was done, it went together speedily.


I used some of the fabric leftover from the place mats, as well as some other orangy prints in the flowers. You may not be able to see it clearly, but I arranged a picture of one of those Sherill Kahn angels inside each of the buds. I thought that was kinda cute.

This is all fused – no hand applique this time. After the holidays, I will get around to machine stitching around all the edges before I add the border. So far, the border will be from some of that varigated yellow/orange/red fabric I used in the placemats and napkins.  Once finished, this will hang in my kitchen.My kitchen will be so coordinated!

I found the pattern online. It is called “Vintage Flower Vase Pattern” and was drafted by Ruthann Logsdon Zaroff from a Baltimore Album style quilt. Her website is: ruthann@ruthannzaroff.com   I enlarged it to print out across 4 pages of paper. The background fabric is about 40″ square right now. I kind of like how it looks at this size.

I found a cute saying that I like: “Many people have eaten my cooking and gone on to lead normal lives.” I may try to put that around the border when I get that far.

We were out shopping a bit Monday and saw a nice little snow/hail fall, but it didn’t stay. Yesterday morning there was a slight layer of snow on the ground but it melted promptly. This morning the bird bath was frozen for a while. Not bad so far.

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