Belated Happy Birthday – to ME!

Well, actually it wasn’t late. I am late posting it. It was a nice quiet day. We don’t make a big deal out of holidays in general – around here any day can be a holiday because every day we are together is special. I got to pick the evening meal (as if that isn’t something I do most every day) and chose delivery pizza. I liked the idea of not having much to clean up, but I think we make a better pizza ourselves. Here it is:


Later on, Raymond surprised me with a cake. I love bakery cakes and we just found a bakery close by. Here is my cake:


White cake with (mostly) white frosting and vanilla ice cream. It was delicious. I had cake for lunch for several days afterward.

I had a list of things I wanted. One was a copy of the book, A Course In Miracles. I have been haphazardly following along with Marianne Williamson’s daily Course in Miracles program on XM radio on the Oprah channel, and wanted the book to work with it more regularly. After I got my Kindle (which is not officially a birthday present) the first book I downloaded was A Course in Miracles. So that was checked off the list.

Another thing I wanted was a newer version of Microsoft Office. I have been using Office for XP for years and thought maybe a newer version would have more goodies. After talking with my favorite daughter/computer expert, I downloaded Open Office free from the internet and it seems to have everything I need.

The last thing on my list was a neti pot. We found one at our local health food store and I have been using it every morning since then. Mine looks like this: It is not nearly as messy as I expected and I have noticed that my nose doesn’t get so dried out from running the furnace as it did before. You use a warm saline solution with it. They also have some mixes that have zinc and other things to help ward off colds and sinus infections. I don’t get colds anymore, but I can see how that would be handy for someone who did. It’s probably really good for alergies to dust and pollen too.

So, that was my birthday. I am now offically 56. It’s a wonderful life.


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