More Sewing

I have not sewn garments for quite a while. Recently though, I got a big hunk of fleece to make myself a snugly robe for cold weather. I dug a pattern out of my pattern stash that I hoped would work and eventually cut it out and sewed it together. It is a simple pattern and didn’t take much time. Instead of a one piece robe, I decided on a two piece set. Here is the pattern I used for the top:


I used a made-to-fit pattern that my friend, Clarice Weathers, helped me make for pants to go with this top.  Imagine this top and pants in light pink fleece. They are so warm, and big and roomy. I have been wearing them over my regular jammies for that time after my shower and before I actually go to sleep. I think it would be way too warm to wear to bed, but for that evening time when the house is cooling off it is the perfect outfit. Now, I am on the lookout for a fleece slipper pattern that I can make to match.

I am planning on trying this pattern again with a lighter weight fleece or knit fabric that might be cool enough for jammies.


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