My Life Has Changed Forever

The Kindle arrived yesterday. I was not expecting it till day after tomorrow, so that was a nice surprise.

It came in a great box that looks like a big fat book, and I love it already. It did not come with the Oprah book club selection as I thought it would. I re-read the email I had that had the discount on the Kindle, and what it actually said was that I could get a discount off the book if I ordered it with the Kindle, not that it would be included free. That’s ok.

I briefly read over the introduction material and found that the device is pretty easy to operate. I ordered a book from Amazon, and it arrived in less than a minute just like they said it would. I started reading the book and found it very comfortable to hold and read. The font size is easily adjusted, and page turning is simple. It displays some nice grey-scale pictures when it is in sleep mode, which leaves me hopeful for reading books with the occasional diagram. I was worried that the graphics would be lost, but maybe it won’t. Most of the books I will likely be reading on my Kindle are text only. Once they come up with a full color screen, I might even get quilty and crafty books for my Kindle.

I have a big stack of books from the library to get through before they are due, so I will not be plunging in to my Kindle book for a while. What a great bit of technology!


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