Playing With Fabric Again

I started a  new project this week. I think it will be a wall hanging in the middle bedroom. A couple months ago, I found a red paisley duvet set that I liked at a Tuesday Morning store. I liked it so much that I went back and got a second one so I could cut it up for table cloths and various fabric decorations. There is a dark and a light red along with two shades of a  salmonish pink and a tan. Seems like an odd combination, but they look pretty good together. And I have always love paisley designs anyway.

This pattern has many different kinds of loops and curves.  There are two night tables in that room, and the first thing I did was cut up some of the second duvet and make a couple of simple quilted covers for them. They go over the top and hang a bit down the sides. I quilted a crisscross of straight lines on them.

Then I made a matching cover for a body pillow. I thought it was pretty clever to use the edge of the duvet with the buttons so that I didn’t have to fiddle with making a closure. Those were pretty simple projects and actually took longer to cut out than to sew.


Since there was still a lot of fabric left over, I thought about making a little quilt for the wall in that room.  I don’t remember if I read about this block in a book or on someone’s blog, but it is a simple four-patch that ends up looking kind of like a kaleidoscope block.

I cut four pieces of fabric and layered them to align the paisley pattern. Then I cut strips and sub-cut them into squares. I used the width of my ruler to determine the size of the squares, so they are all 5 inches square.

The next step is to lay them out and arrange them so that the same corner meets in the middle. There is some fiddling around to find the best arrangement, but that is the fun part. Each set of blocks has four different possible combinations. Then you sew the four patches together to make a single block that is about 9 1/2 inches. Because each stack of four is cut out of a different part of the pattern on the fabric, they end up making unique blocks that look quite complex. Here are some of the blocks on my design wall:


Isn’t it interesting how different each one is?

I think I cut up enough to make 24 blocks and have almost all of them sewn together and up on the design wall. I will probably pick out the best 20 and make a quiltlet 4 blocks by 5 blocks. I will probably sash the blocks with a dark red fabric that I have, then a narrow tanish inside border with a wider outside border made from the paisley fabric. I think that would look good on the wall over the bed.

There is still a lot of the duvet fabric left. I might just make a valance for the window in there. What a co-ordinated room that will be! Maybe one day we will even get a headboard for the bed!


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