Latest News and a Couple of Views

Here is the view from the living room window:


Those maple trees are gorgeous! We love driving around just to look at the awesome display of colors of the season. Here is the view through the dining room window to the back yard:



Have you heard of the Kindle? Look here for more info:

I happened to watch the Oprah show when she told the world about this wonderful device, and I got very excited about it. I thought about it for a few days – weighed the pros and cons, and ended up ordering one (it was more like I talked about it so much that Raymond said let’s just get one – probably to quiet me about it).

I like the idea that you can carry a whole library of books around in one little package and read just about anywhere. And you can highlight text, bookmark sections and even download quotes to the computer. I also like that electronic books save trees.  It even has a dictionary built in so when I run across a word I am not sure about, I can look it up immediately. It has quite a few interesting features. I am not sure how quilting and crafting type books would work on it, or how good it is with graphics, but for regular reading I see no problems.

My order was placed on Halloween on our way home from New York, and I have been checking on it every day. Yesterday, it shipped and is expected to arrive next Thursday. We got a $50 discount from the Oprah show and I think it even comes loaded with a free copy of Oprah’s current book club selection.

I still plan on getting books from my local public library. I love being able to reserve books on their website and picking them up. Right now, I am in the middle of The Academy series by Jack McDevitt. All six of them are available from my library, but if one wasn’t, I could get it for my Kindle. I keep thinking of authors and titles that I want to read and look up to see if they are available for Kindle and many are. And the cost is quite reasonable.

I guess from now on, if anyone is planning on giving me anything, I will ask for an Amazon gift certificate! LOL!

Think about how this will revolutionize education! If textbooks could be loaded onto a Kindle type device it would be much easier on the students than carrying around a ton of books from class to class. I can imagine public libraries where the books you check out are loaded onto your device and they are automatically deleted after the lending period is over. It is like science fiction becoming reality.


2 thoughts on “Latest News and a Couple of Views

  1. Jen says:

    Neato! I still prefer the feel of a real-life book, though.

    Regarding education – the boys’ textbooks are completely digital. I just started emailing them assignments as well.

    Isn’t it an awesome time to be alive?

  2. raynbeaugirl says:

    I don’t plan on trading in my real books for kindle versions, but I also like to embrace new technology. And I agree, this is an awesome time to be alive. I am looking forward to the next hundred years.

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