Cute Cat Antics

So, you know we have two cats, Zeena and Max. They are about 9 months old now and are very entertaining. We think they are unique for their species (doesn’t every pet owner think the same?). Zeena likes to take showers. Well, she doesn’t actually get wet, but she loves to watch the shower. We have clear vinyl shower liners in the tubs. I like them because they have little suction cups on the sides that you can attach and it helps keep the water in the tub rather than out on the floor. There are also fabric shower curtains that hang outside the tub.

When either one of us is taking a shower, Zeena likes to sit on the edge of the tub in between the curtain and the liner. She likes to watch the water and sometimes tries to chase the little soapy streams that run down the liner. More than once has she gotten so carried away that she has fallen right into the tub and gotten wet. Still, she comes back every time.

Max is not so excited about water. She may come into the bathroom but stays way back from the shower. Max’s favorite thing to do is play with the ring that comes off the milk bottle. She acts like its a mouse and will run all through the house dropping it and pawing at it. Then she picks it up and tries to hide it from herself and then pretends to find it. She particularly likes to push it under a closed door and then tries to fish it back out, and to drop it so it goes down the stairs so she can chase it.

What pet antics do you have to share?


One thought on “Cute Cat Antics

  1. Jen says:

    Well, Raisins is the perfect kitten, loves to cuddle, especially on hairy chests, and has the perfect cute, quiet meow.

    Peanut, on the other hand, will never never stay still long enough to make a cuddle spot on your body, and rarely will even cuddle near you. Peanut is paranoid and shocked by everything.

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