On the road again

Tonight I sit in the Hampton Inn in Lexington, Virginia after a drive of around 400 miles. This puts us about halfway to our destination of New Youk City. We had many nostalgic moments on the road today, remembering all the drives in the big truck. Weigh stations, grade warnings, and all the 18 wheelers passing by brought back lots of memories of that adventure.

We took the girls to the vet for the week. That was harder than we expected it to be. We are going to miss them a lot. The neigobors are watching the house and taking in the mail – nice to live next to police officers.

We had breakfast/lunch at a Cracker Barrel not far from our starting point and a nice dinner at a local restaurant here in Lexington.  We plan on getting an early start in the morning (9 am) so we can cover as much road as possible. The wake is Wednesday afternoon and we don’t want to rush in at the last minute.

I have not checked my email all day. Maybe tomorrow I will have more time.


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