Long Time, No Blog

Sorry about the big communication gap. I have no excuse.

This is my new haircut. I have been wanting to get it cut for months and months. Today I finally got around to it. My hair-cutting person, Brandy, did a lot of blow drying stuff to get the ends to turn under like the do in the picture. I am pretty sure that after I sleep on it and for sure once I wash it again, it will take on a new and not necessarily attractive look. So here it is. I like it more than I expected.

So on to the latest news:

Last weekend, our friend Willa and her daughter Nicole came by for a visit. That was really nice and we had a nice, if brief, time hanging out here at the house. Here is her blog and a picture of the lion wall hanging that I made for her a long time ago and never got around to giving to her. http://willawags.blogspot.com/2008/10/raylinda-lion.html

Several things happened last Wednesday, October 23rd.

First, it was exactly one year since we sold our house in Melbourne, Florida and headed this-a-way. It doesn’t seem like it has been that long.

Next, we went to the early voting place in our local mall and did our civic duty. Ahead of time, I searched online for a sample ballot and investigated the local candidates, so we didn’t go in totally blind. Of course we voted for Obama and Biden.  We even got one of those little signs to put in our yard. This is the most politically minded I have ever been. It is quite interesting.

Finally, on Wednesday my mother-in-law, Iola, died. She was 89 years old.

This is her in 1999 when she came to visit us in Florida. It was about a week after I moved in with Raymond. She stayed for six weeks and we has such a good time. She was such a wonderful, wise woman. I love her. Although I know she is not really gone and her spirit (as all of ours are) is eternal, I will miss her.

So we are going to New York for the funeral. We compared costs and decided it would be more practical to rent a car and drive rather than fly. That way, we will have a vehicle available and will not have to pay lots for taxis. Today we went out and got heavier winter coats as it is suppose to be quite chilly up there for our visit. The girls, Max and Zeena will be visiting the vet for a few days.

I am looking forward to finally meeting Raymond’s sister, Arlene. I wish it was a happier occasion though.

The Spring blended into Summer and then into Fall. Raymond has spent a lot of time out in the yard, gardening and mowing and such. We had a couple big trees in the back cut down. One was an oak and he has been busily chopping it into fire wood. It was a big tree and should keep him busy for quite a while and he will have enough wood for a couple years or more of fires in the fireplace. The other tree was a pine and we have to have someone take it away.

I have not been doing much quilty stuff. I got a duvet for the middle bedroom. It is a nice paisley in mostly red. I got a second duvet set just like it and so far have made a cover for a body pillow and quilted dresser scarves. I am thinking the paisley might make nice kaleidescope blocks, so I am on the lookout for the kaleidescope ruler. I may have enough to make a wall hanging for that room.

Raymond painted the master bedroom. Orange! It looked pretty good and made our bedroom set look warm and cozy. After sleeping in it for a month or so though, he decided he didn’t like the color. The week before Willa came to visit, he re-painted it a nice dark green. We found a comforter set on sale that has a tan and green and gold pattern and it looks great in there. Now the room seems more restful.

I have been reading quite a bit and playing Runescape (runescape.com). What an addictive game. I may make a separate page to list the books read. I love searching up books in my online library and reserving them. Then I get an email letting me know when they are available and I go down to the local library and check them out. Right now I am reading a series by Jack McDevitt. I really enjoy the way he writes. The first one in the series was The Engines of God. Now I am reading Deepsix. The next one is called Chindi. They all have a lot alien ruins and likeable archaeologists solving mysteries and avoiding danger from all sides. What fun!

As long as we are talking about reading, I happened to see the Oprah show yesterday where she unveiled her new favorite thing – the Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000FI73MA/ I am pretty sure I want one. Then I guess I would have to tell anyone giving me gifts to just give me amazon gift certificates so I could keep buying books.  Too bad they don’t have something like that with the public library. It would revolutionize the whole library system.

OK, that is enough for now. Usually when I write this much some glitch occurs and I have to start over.

Happy Haloween


2 thoughts on “Long Time, No Blog

  1. bloggingjenny says:

    Very cute haircut. Mine is slightly shorter, course I have no pics to share. I’m camera shy, if you recall.

    Thanks for the update, and sorry to hear about Iola. Hope you have a good NYC trip, though. Post some pictures. 😉

  2. radiantreader says:

    hello. i’m so sorry to hear a bout Raymonds mom’s passing. Please give him my regards and know that all of you are in my prayers. I am sure the kitties missed you guys too. I also love your haircut. I wish I could wear that. Miss you.

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