Not Quilty!

I have a couple pictures to share. I spotted a new trend at Jen’s Blog ( ) and didn’t want to be left out of the fun. So here is Raymond and his cat hat, Zeena:

Notice how cooperative she is and they both seem to be smiling (or in Zeena’s case at least paying attention).

Here is me and my cat hat, Max:

 Max did not like being a hat, and would not look at the camera. We tried again:

This time Max seems to be more attentive, but I am clearly distracted – could it be the razor sharp claws digging into the back of my neck? Max and I opted out of the ‘third time’s a charm’ experiment and decided to leave well enough alone.

Are you a closet cat-hatter?  perhaps a dog-hatter? Why not share your photo with us?


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