Kind of in Limbo

Well, the secret project I was hinting at in my last message was that I made a sample wedding dress out of muslin. I mailed it to Jenny last week so she could try it on and see if it fits. And I am still waiting to hear from her about it.

According to the tracking number, it was delivered last Friday, so I kind of expected to hear from her some time over the weekend. I didn’t so I called a couple times and got voice mail and left a message. We kind of chatted via instant messenger on Monday and again on Tuesday. First she said it hadn’t been delivered, then James remembered a package was delivered but no one knew what happened to it and they would look for it.

So while waiting to hear if the dress is found and if it fits, I dug out these heart blocks from my guild’s block of the month drawing. I sashed them with a darker red and used white for the cornerstones, then I added a narrow black border and a wider red one. All that’s left is to quilt it and put on the binding. 

If it turns out ok, I will give it to my mother-in-law, Iola. She loves red. It is just about the right size for a lap quilt. I wish I could figure out why my camera takes such fuzzy pictures.


3 thoughts on “Kind of in Limbo

  1. Your favorite daughter says:

    Got it!! Unpackaged it, but have not tried it on yet. Been strangely busy so haven’t called back yet. But am home all day tomorrow so will try to make a point of it. Sorry! 😉

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