Wedding Dress

Well, I said a few days ago that I would try to get pictures of the in-progress bits of Jenny’s wedding dress and here they are. They are a little bigger than the scanner, so the edges are missing, but you can get the idea.

    I have put down some basic embroideries and am now in the process of adding beads and sequins and more stitches to fancy them up a little.

      This one with the brown looking threads is not really that dark. The thread is really more tannish. The scanner is just not so good at figuring out white on white contrast. I also used the auto correct function on the photo editor so you could see the stitches at all. They are not so sharply defined in real life, but then you can see the dimension in real life and that makes it look better.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Dress

  1. radiantreader says:

    This is turning out to be a very beautiful heirloom. Maybe one day one of the boys will marry some nice girl worthy of wearing it down her aisle. Beautiful!

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