Kitchen Decor

Oven MittsI finished these mitts a couple three weeks ago, and am finally posting them. I followed the pattern that I found on the internet, and thought about each step before actually doing it, but still I am not happy with the results. They work, that is they keep the hot dishes from burning hands, and Raymond likes them, but it seems like too much work and little details for a couple of  oven mitts.  From now on, I will just go out and buy oven mits whether they match my decor or not.

This picture shows the front of one and the back of the other one. Both have the same print on top and the gradation solid on the bottom. There are two layers of batting, one is cotton batting and the other is insulbrite, and the inside lining is that silver stuff you put on ironing boards. I layered the top fabrics and battings and did some free-motion quilting before cutting out the mitt shapes.

I have very little fabric left of the three prints I used for this kitchen set and perhaps a yard or a yard and a half of the gradation soild. I think there is enough of the solid to make a valance for the kitchen window, then I will be done with this project.


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