Nine Patches


I took the tree down today and put up these nine patch blocks. they are from a swap between me and my friends Irene Watson in Melbourne, FL and Jan Cotton in New Zealand. This first picture shows all the nine patches along with some embroidered and appliqued blocks we have made and swapped over the last couple of years. I am quite amazed at how many there are. this is the first time I have looked at them all at once like this. 


Part way through the swap, we discovered a quick method of making the nine patch blocks by Billie Lauder where you end up with two blocks. One had the colored fabric on the corners and the center and the second block has the muslin on the corners and center. I call them fives and fours. The first picture is just of the fives and the embroidered and appliqued blocks alternating with blank spaces where muslin blocks may end up. For the second picture, I filled in the outer rows with the fours blocks so they look more solid.

These little blocks are about 3 1/2″ square unfinished. I have seen a variety of different ways to put them together, but am a long way from deciding on a setting. In fact, I still have a handful of blocks partly finished and you never know, I may feel inspired to make even more. Isn’t it amazing! And Irene and Jan have just as many. It will be really interesting seeing our finished quilts. 


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