New Ruler Rack

2008-03-10-ruler-rack.jpg Here is a picture of the ruler rack Raymond and I made. I got the idea from a really old quilting magazine. I don’t remember which one, but when I come across it again I will add documentation. It was in a section where readers write in and tell about tips and ideas they have come up with.

We got a piece of white pegboard at Lowes and had them cut it in half lengthwise and width wise resulting in four 2’x4′ pieces. Raymond painted the narrow edges white to match the front and I sewed three sections together with nylon cord and a ‘big-honking-needle’ that I got for silk ribbon embroidery. One of those plastic canvas needles would work too or a bodkin. After I got started with the sewing part, I thought that maybe it would be just as simple to join the sections with white duct tape. Then I stood it up and put some pegs and brackets that Raymond found in the garage and hung up just about all my rulers. There is some space left on the back side for more. I think it should have some kind of top added too, but am still working on that idea. The pegboard was about $15. I am really pleased with it, although I do plan on doing it over.

The next time, I plan on having a piece of pegboard cut in three tall pieces and sewing them together. Then I will have a three sided tower that is 16″ by 8′. I think that will take up less floor space while at the same time providing more hanging space.


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