My Row Robin Rows

2008-02-28-row-robin-rows-1.jpg Here are the rows from the row robin I was in with some fellow Sunstitchers. Sunstitchers is a sub-group of the Seaside Piecemakers guild. The smaller groups are called circles. The circles meet a couple times a month and offer more ‘hanging out time” than the monthly general guild meeting.  Some of us in the circle decided to participate in a row robin where each person make a row of quilt blocks for each of the others in the group. I believe there were six or seven of us.

Each participant started out with a notebook (provided by our wonderful queen bee, Anne) in which we wrote any theme we had in mind for our rows, and color or block preferences, etc. Adding a starting piece of fabric was optional. My theme was Friendship and I asked for signature type blocks that I could have signed by friends. I included a piece of yellow fabric with tiny pineapples on it. The fabric and notebook went into a bag which we passed from one person to the next each month.

I love my rows.  And it worked out perfectly that the row robin finished exactly on my last circle meeting before we left for Tennessee. Anne brought some plain muslin ironed to freezer paper for stability and everyone else at the got to sign one. I am thinking of how to set those signatures and how to arrange the rows to make myself a nice little friendship quilt.  Is that cool or what!


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