Checking In

No pictures this time. I have been setting aside time the last few days to work on the embellishment on the pieces of Jenny’s wedding dress bodice. There are two fronts and two backs. I crazy patch pieced them a while back and now am filling them in with embroidery.  I have almost all the seams covered with an assortment of basic embroidery stitches: feather, buttonhole, herringbone, chain, cretan, etc.  Once I have finished that, I will go back over each seam with additional stitcheries and beads and ribbonwork to enhance the stitches.  So far, I am pleased with the blocks.  Because the stitches and the fabrics are all white and off-white, they do not show up well on the camera. When I get further along, I will see about scanning parts of the bodice and posting them.

I am still thinking about a design to put on the oven mits, so they are not done yet.

I have been putting different sets of old blocks on the design wall and moving them around and looking at them. Latest was my Dutch treat blocks. I must say, I am not happy with them. I wish I had chosen other colors. I really enjoyed making the blocks, but I don’t know what to do with them now. I was inspired to use a bundle of white fat quarters with a bundle of fabrics from Shar Gorgenson called ‘age of innocence.’ They are lovely pink, lavender and green florals and I really thought they would be perfect. I think I have about 25 or 26 blocks and a couple more left to stitch before I run out of fabric.


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