My Design Wall

design wall Over the last couple weeks, we have moved my ‘studio’ into the empty living room.  Although I managed to get all my sewing stuff (well most of it) into the back bedroom, it was a little crowded. Since we haven’t gotten around to deciding on living room furniture, we decided the space might be used more fully as my sewing room. The light in the daytime is wonderful. This room is a little over 13′ x 17′.  I can get a big cutting table and still have room to move around in it.

We moved the queen sized bed 2008-02-23-studio-1.jpg2008-02-23-studio-1.jpgthat was in the littlest bedroom into the back one (where it was when we bought the house) and set up the daybed in the littlest room. Everything fits and functions better.

Back to the design wall. I had this idea some time ago and finally got to see if it works. We got 3 pieces of pvc pipe, two elbows and two endcaps. The just kind of snapped together like toys into a u-shape. (Raymond had to cut the two upright pieces to fit the wall).  Then I got a queen sized batting at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon and pinned it to the top pole and used a little double sided tape to attach a small piece of felt to the corner pieces where they touch the wall. Finally, we leaned it up against the wall — instant design wall! I think the pvc parts cost a little over $12 and the batting was $8.50.  I am very pleased with it. I put some old blocks up for the picture. The top row stuck fine all by itself, but the other two rows kept falling off so I had to pin them. I probably should have gotten a cotton batting istead of polyester. I am on the lookout for a large flannel sheet because I think I have heard that flannel sticks better.

  2008-02-23-studio-1.jpg Here is a picture of the room. I spend a lot of my day in here now. It is very comfortable. Maybe I will actually get some quilt making done! LOL


2 thoughts on “My Design Wall

  1. HiLinda

    Good to see you on here. I think you did a smart thing using the living room. At least this way it is getting some use. Our living room and dining room are hardly every used especially now we are in florida all winter.

    I like your idea of the pvc pipe. I sure could use a design wall also and I am going to look at this. It can be taken apart if you don’t want it up and stored in the garage if necessary. I think I want 2 – one for here and one for Florida. Willa mentioned some car fabric that sounds good – did you see that post?

    Willa keeps us in touch with how you are doing and you sound very happy there. Hope to see you again one of these days. I am going to Omaha so will see Willa there.



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