Placemat Update

 As you can tell, I am still working out the details of how to insert and size photos. Here are the finished placemats. I am very happy with them. I also made some hot pads, which I have not taken pictures of yet. They are made just like the coasters that I made for my sister, but I made them a little larger. I made them to use either on the table under something hot or they would look great as a liner on a plate under a bowl of soup or salad.  My dishes are plain white and square shaped. I think these bright colors are just right for them. Here are the finished placemats

My next quilting project will be to make some oven mits with the same fabric. I have a nice pattern that I found on the internet for free.  Another thing I have to get back to is the crazy quilting a wedding dress for my daughter. I am only crazy quilting the bodice. The rest of the dress will be out of traditional fabrics. I have it started, but need to get busy as she mentioned to me yesterday that they are considering moving the date from this September, to maybe this June or sooner!

Today, I finished assembling my guild’s newsletter, the Chatter. Although I have moved away from Florida, I still get to play newsletter editor. I love this ‘job.’ Various guild members send me articles for the newsletter and I get to arrange them all into a nice presentation that is then emailed and snail mailed to all of our 300 members.


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