New Year Resolution

OK, so I don’t really make resolutions, but I have this blog that has just been sitting here for months. I think I should use it, so I will be writing as often as I can manage to document accomplishments this year with these intentions:

First,  I like to quilt, so mostly what you will read about is my quilting adventures. I know many quilters who are much more experienced and more prolific than I am, and I admire their expertise and talent, still, I love what I do and am happy with my humble creations. I learn something new about quilting every day. There is something wonderful and grounding about quilting fabrics and the whole process of cutting them up and sewing them together and making something new and beautiful that may even be useful. I find each step of the process delightful. And I have found that by using the left over bits from planned projects, one can make some pretty amazing new quilty things as well.

Next, as mentioned in my earlier post, I recently moved from Melbourne, Florida to lovely Chattanooga. We love it here, but I miss getting together with my quilting buddies from Florida.  I also have family in Illinois (my sister Laura, my daughter Jennifer and my son Chris) who have busy lives. I am hoping this blog can help us all keep in touch. I like the convenience a blog offers. I can write when I am in the mood and they can read when they have time.

Finally, I am hoping that by promising to update this blog regularly, it will keep me organized and kind of on schedule with all my projects. Maybe I will get more projects finished knowing that friends and family just might be checking in now and again.  For now, I will try to write at least once a week.

So here we go. . .

This month has been pretty productive.  I have finished a smocked bolster pillow for my sister.  It was a lot of fun. I mean’t to have it done for her by Christmas, but with the move and all, didn’t get it. I have wanted to make a pillow like this since I was in fourth grade. My teacher, Juanita Susan and her husband John were friends of my parents. They played cards together — bridge, I think. I remember being over at their house once for a cook-out or something and I saw a round smocked pillow on her sofa. I thought it was amazing and really hard to do and filed it away.

Then a couple years ago in the Attic Treasures booth at my guild’s quilt show I found an old McCalls pattern with three different smocked pillow patterns.  I took it home and filed it away. Sometime between then and now, I saw an episode of Martha’s Sewing Room where Martha Pullen actually demostrated that type of smocking and I saw that it might just be doable, so I filed away that information with the rest.

Last summer I was visiting my family in Illinois and while at my sister’s, we talked about a chair she had in her living room that needed some kind of accent. She brought in a bolster pillow from her bedroom and said she was looking for something like that but in a color that went more with that room. I remembered that old pattern and thought I had some nice teal colored fabric that would be perfect, so I told her I would make a cute little pillow.

 Fortunately, I didn’t tel her when to expect it, because it wasn’t too long after I got back home that our house in Florida sold and we were caught up in the big move.  After Christmas, I finally settled down to work in the ‘studio’ and step by step got the pillow done. There was also enough fabric to make a set of coasters for her living room. Now I just need to find a box to mail it in. Laura’s Pillow   Coaster


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